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The money raised will go towards the first edition of my new book. 

This is your opportunity to order an autographed copy of the first edition of my new book. Book orders will be filled by 4/30/21

     "How to go broke Selling 100,000 American Made T shirts" is two stories in one. As I tell the story of the last 971 shirts we sold to bring us to our 100,000th shirt sold, I relive the memories of the first 99,029.

     If reading about these experiences has the same affect on you, as living them did on me, you'll be reminded just how lucky we are to live in the United States of America.


     I hope you'll enjoy the first 4 chapters of my first book, as I begin the process of finding the right company to self publish with. (I'd love to hear your feedback!)

     If you'd like to read the rest of the book, you can pre order an autographed, first edition of "How To Go Broke Selling 100,000 American Made T shirts". Please consider donating to our GOFUNDME account. I'm trying to raise enough money to print the first edition, and resuscitate Our American made t shirts brand at the same time.


America needs this!

Scott Miller

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Read the first four chapters of my book here>>>