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Scott Miller/My Liberty Threads

Minneola, FL   407-729-9821



My Liberty Threads Announces State Fair 2014 Tour - Expects to Create 4000+ American Labor Hours in the Process.


Minneola, Fl. 6/16/2014 - Scott Miller, Owner/Founder of My Liberty Threads (MLT) has been traveling the country with his hard hitting, American made, apparel brand since its inception in 2011.  On Sunday, 6-23, he will hit the road with his t shirts and blouses, spending the next 4 months selling them at more than 20 major events across America. His travels will cover 12 states, and will place his self-proclaimed ‘Freedom Forward’ designs in front of more than 15 million customers.


This summer and fall, MLT has been accepted into some of the largest state fairs across the country. Among them are Ohio, Kansas, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Virginia.  Other events, such as country music festivals, major county and regional fairs, and biker rallies, will take MLT from upstate New York, to Salt Lake City, Utah, and virtually everywhere in between.


“We’ve grown from selling at local farmers markets and flea markets, to becoming a player on the major festival scene.  During our travels last year, we found a handful of amazing folks who have begun their own small businesses selling the MLT brand.  This year, they’ll be joining me in setting up at some of the largest events in the country,” says Miller. 


The brand features women’s blouses and tank tops, as well as men’s t shirts that celebrate our freedoms as Americans.  Bikers, Veterans, and freedom loving Americans are the target audience for My Liberty Threads.  MLT currently has eight retailers selling MLT products in 6 different states, and is actively looking to grow its brand across the country.

“This summer can be a real ‘game changer’ for MLT, and ultimately for the American clothing industry.  If our current retailers and I have the same success at this year’s events that I had last year, we’ll create more than 4,000 labor hours.  That’s  4,000 American labor hours.” said Miller.


For more details on the tour, visit or for information on selling the MLT brand, contact Scott Miller at

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