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Step 1 

Create a hard hitting, freedom forward, AMERICAN MADE, t shirt brand.

Step 2 

Find and develop a small army of Patriotic people to help grow our brand.

Step 3 

Add adjacent categories to the brand.  Become the largest purveyor of AMERICAN MADE t shirts, by creating an emporium of styles that our customers will find appealing.

Step 4

Gradually introduce fashion to the mix, and sneak up on the world with the next AMERICAN MADE clothing brand.


As you can clearly see, we've got the small army positioned around the country, ready to help us execute step 3.


Over the next few months we'll be adding designs in several great new categories.  These new shirts will appeal to fishing enthusiasts, hunters, bikers, and those interested in the outdoors life in general.


Please check out our 'Get involved' page to see if there's anything you might be interested in helping out with.


If  we're going to become a difference maker in the shape of America's future, we're gonna need some help.



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