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This summer and fall, the creators of the Great American T shirt Challenge will film and produce a TV series that will chronicle a competition we’re creating.  The competition will consist of 10 contestants setting up and selling shirts from My Liberty Threads at major fairs and festivals all across the country.  My Liberty Threads is a successful, American made, freedom forward, t shirt brand that has been carving out its place on the festival scene since 2011.

The series is called the Great American T shirt Challenge, and here’s how it works.

                       The Playing Field

My Liberty Threads will secure and pay for booth locations to sell shirts at 100 major events. The events will include State Fairs, County Fairs, Air Shows, Country Music Festivals, biker rallies etc.  More than 1/3 of the events will be ones that My Liberty Threads has already been to before, and sold at successfully, the rest will be ones we apply to and will set up at for the first time.


The Players

We will choose 10 contestants, train them up, get them a starting inventory, and then set them loose.  They will each have a predetermined route of 10 fairs and festivals, and will go from one event to the next.  Along the way, they’ll keep the money they earn ($6-$8 per shirt sold), and we’ll restock their inventory before each event. In addition to the money they’ll be earning from their shirt sales, they will compete for the ultimate grand prize of $5,000, which will be given to the contestant that sells the most shirts this summer.  Each contestant will be responsible for traveling from event to event on their own.  The most successful contestants will be the ones that embrace the ‘all encompassing’ act of becoming a full time festival vendor.  It will be fun to watch the entrepreneurial spirit develop in our contestants along the way. Although we’ll use a variety of methods for our contestant search, we’ll be seeking out every day people who believe in the message of our brand, rather than actors and actresses looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

The Show

The Great American T shirt Challenge will film the activities of the contestants every step of the way.  The footage that will come from their experiences will be the bulk of the content that makes up each episode.  Their interaction with the customers, experiences taking on the traveling life of a festival vendor, and short brief segments where we get to know each contestant, will be the foundation for the Great American T shirt Challenge.

No one is getting 'voted off of the island', every contestant here has 'immunity'.  We'll make this a true competition, but the bottom line is, we're here to sell some American made shirts.  

***SPOILER ALERT-At sometime this summer, My Liberty Threads will sell its 100,000th shirt, and boy is that customer going to be in for a surprise!!!

Five things you can do to help right now


1-Subscribe to our You Tube Channel. 

2-Make a pledge to our Kick Starter campaign. We have some

great rewards for people who pledge any amount, and the pledge

is only paid if we reach our full goal. at American T shirt Challenge.

3-Here's a list of events we're tentatively planning on selling at this summer and fall.  Tell us about great events in your area that we should consider bringing our shirts to.

4-Help us find contestants, they can email with their info.

5-Help us find one investor who wants to partner up here, (We're doing this on a wing and a prayer right now!)they can call Scott Miller directly at 407-729-9821.

6-Think of anyone you know who might like one of our shirts,

or a TV series like this, and TELL THEM ABOUT US.




Refrigerators and Hills

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                 (no one should watch this)

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